Mixed Race

Illustration by Chris Kindred for The Washington Post

Washington Post Launches Podcast About Being Mixed Race in America

The five-part series begins May 1.  

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READ: Can the Growing Mixed-Race Population Save America From Its Race Problem?

A new essay from writer Alexandros Orphanides explores just how far our multiracial brethren can carry us in the fight against racism.

Portrait Series "Indivisible" Explores Multiracial Identities

Korean and black artist Samantha Wall creates a portrait project to convey what words cannot about racial identity.

Parents of Biracial Cheerios Girl Say They Were 'Excited' About Negative Comments

Cheerios commercial star and her family made an appearance on MSNBC.

Cheerios' Biracial Family Ad Becomes Their Most Viewed on YouTube

The Cheerios commercial starring a white mother, a black father and their biracial daughter is the most popular ad on the cereal’s YouTube channel. The spot began airing on national television last Monday and was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday.

Cheerios Ad Starring Interracial Family Ignites Racist Hate Storm

We’ve seen interracial couples on television for decades but corporate companies have largely stayed away from including them in advertising.

Walmart Security Allegedly Suspected Father of Kidnapping Biracial Kids

The father is white and his wife of ten years is black and according to a Walmart manager that means their children “didn’t fit.”

Obama Talks Race, Calls Himself a 'Mixed Kid From Hawaii'

While the comments may seem ordinary they’re not. The last time the President addressed race was at the height of the Trayvon Martin media coverage in March.