Mitt Romney

Obama Won the Prize for Authentically Hugging His Wife at the Debate

Which candidate gave his wife the best hug?

What You Need to Know: The 'Binders Full of Women' Directory

There’s a Facebook page, Twitter account and a Tumblr for the meme.

But first things, first: the statement was misleading.

W. Kamau Bell Explains Why He Hates Science -- Just Like Mitt Romney [Video]

In the second video in the “Actually…” series, W. Kamau Bell explains why he hates science just like Mitt Romney.

Romney Uses the Term 'Undocumented Illegals' in Second Presidential Debate

It was awkward from the start. Her name was Lorainne and Romney wanted to call her “Loraina.”

An Illustrated Guide to All The Finger Pointing at Last Night's Debate

At last night’s second presidential debate, pointing and sometimes wagging fingers sparred.

Rosie Pérez Talks Romney and Love on Maddow [Video]

It’s a great interview, but something else happened that you don’t see on television often these days.

'Put the White Back in the White House' Meme Moves from Twitter to GOP Rally

A racist anti-Obama trending topic making the rounds on Twitter for months finally made an appearance on a t-shirt at a Romney campaign rally this past weekend.

Easier as a Latino? Rosie Pérez Schools Mitt Romney in New Video

Easier as a Latino? Rosie Perez sets Mitt straight.

War on Women and Its Consequences [INFOGRAPHIC]

State legislatures have targeted publicly funded family planning services with unique intensity since 2010. Hatty Lee illustrates who gets hurt in the process.

Stacey Dash Defends Mitt Romney Endorsement on CNN

“I want the next four years to be different,” the actress told Piers Morgan.

Politics Aside, There's No Debating the Scary Facts of Romney's Tax Policy

Pundits are applauding Romney’s performance in a deeply technical debate. But he revealed a troubling misunderstanding–or misrepresentation–of tax and health policies that keep the country afloat.

Watch Tonight's Presidential Campaign Debates With Us!’s economic justice reporter Imara Jones will be livetweeting tonight’s debate.

Meet Richard Hayes, the Black Man Who Picks Up Mitt Romney's Trash

Richard is a City of San Diego sanitation worker whose route includes Mitt Romney’s $12 million oceanfront villa in La Jolla, Calif.

Awkward Moments with Mitt Romney: That One Time He Asked a Group of Black Teens 'Who Let The Dogs Out?'

It was at a 2008 Martin Luther King Day parade in Jacksonville, Florida that Mitt Romney made the ill-considered decision to chant the lyrics to the Baha Men’s song.

Did Ann Romney Just Say Being Black is Kind of Like Being Mormon?

Ann Romney told “The Tonight Show” host Jay Leno that electing her husband would help eliminate prejudice against their Mormon faith, just like we left “prejudices behind” when we elected President Obama.

Romney's Mexican Cousin: U.S./NAFTA 'Responsible for Increase in Illegal Immigration' [Video]

What do Mitt’s Mexican cousins think about his strict immigration policies?

SNL Also Thinks Romney Sported Brownface for Univision Town Hall

Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” host Seth Meyers went on a rant about President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign strategy Saturday and offered up some advice.

Everyone Wants to Know if Mitt Romney Sported Brownface for Univision

Everyone is asking if Mitt Romney donned brownface for his television appearance on Univision.

Romney's Dad Was on Welfare For First Years of His Life, Says Mom

Welfare wasn’t always a dirty word In the Romney family tree.

Romney Asked Four Times If He'll Get Rid of Deferred Action, No Clear Answer

Romney first criticized President Obama for failing to pass immigration reform and then went on pledge to pass immigration himself but evaded the question.