Civil Rights Activist Chokwe Lumumba Elected Mayor of Jackson, Miss.

Mississippi’s capital city has a new mayor.

Bad News in Mississippi: Rats-to-Prison Pipeline Opens

So many rats in a Mississippi prison for the mentally ill that the inmates have started making pets out of them.

Federal Judge Stops Mississippi's Anti-Choice Law -- For Now

The state’s last remaining abortion clinic will remain open.

Mississippi Won't Ever Let Anyone Tell You How Much Soda to Drink

It’s your soda and you can drink as much as you want.

Justice Department Urged to Investigate Marco McMillian's Murder

Mississippi, goddam.

Marco McMillian Had Big Plans for the Small City of Clarksdale, Mississippi

The promising politician was found dead this week in Mississippi.

Man Arrested in Slaying of Black Gay Mississippi Politician Marco McMillian

A tragic end to a promising life.

Voter ID Plunges Forward in Pennsylvania, Mississippi and Alaska

Just a month from Election Day states are already pining for restrictions in the next election.

Could Your Kid Be Thrown In Jail For Wearing the Wrong Socks? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines readers respond to the shocking details of a Mississippi school-to-prison pipeline.

Spanish-Speaker Spends Months Locked Up After Interpreter Dies

If you’re fluent in English and Spanish and looking for a job, Mississippi needs you.

The Shocking Details of a Mississippi School-to-Prison Pipeline

Wearing the wrong color socks, talking back to a teacher and being late are all infractions that landed Cedric Green in jail. The Justice Department says there are many more students like him.

Man Sentenced to 3 Years For Leading Mississippi Prison Riot

Juan Lopez-Fuentes became the first inmate to be sentenced for a riot that rattled a Mississippi federal prison in May.

DOJ Sues Mississippi for Its Egregious School-to-Prison Pipeline

The city of Meridian can’t violate the due process rights of youth in its juvenile justice system, the federal government says.

Voting Rights Act Protects Two More States From Suppression Efforts

Voter ID laws blocked in South Carolina and Mississippi, the latter where tea party leader says women don’t deserve to vote.

What Started a Mississippi Prison Riot? Depends on Who You Ask

A for-profit, Corrections Corporation of America facility holding non-citizen inmates is on lockdown after a weekend riot. Officials insist it was a gang feud. But reports from inside suggest a pattern of abuse and neglect that has recurred at privately run prisons.

Howard Industries Lawsuit Helps Fuel Myth of Black and Latino Beef

Four black women have filed suit alleging the company preferred to hire undocumented workers. But a union battle is what’s really at stake.

Black Family Maid Sues White Author in Book Dispute

Ablene Cooper says best-selling author Kathryn Stockett’s fiction looks a little too familiar.

Health Concerns Could Send Jamie and Gladys Scott Back to Prison

The sisters must lose a combined 160 pounds in order to test for the kidney transplant that was a condition of their parole.

Gov. Haley Barbour Refuses to Denounce KKK License Plates

Now let’s all hope he doesn’t try his hand at a giving a so-called “race” speech.

Haley Barbour's Pro-Immigration Past Catches Up With Him

The GOP presidential aspirant has never been an enforcement hardliner, actually.