Good News in Mississippi: School-To-Prison Pipeline Closes

Meridian schools can’t call the police on black students anymore for wearing the wrong colored socks.

Congress Speaks on Voting Rights--and Mississippi Hollers Back

The intersection between what congressional Democrats and state Republicans are attempting around voting shows a tragic collision in which democracy, citizens of color, and many living in poverty will be the casualties.

White Teen Gets Life in Gruesome Mississippi Hate Crime

One day after Deryl Dedmon was sentenced to two life terms in prison after pleading guilty to murder under a state hate crime law, he, and two other teens were charged and pleaded guilty in U.S.

Mississippi Hate Crimes Increase Even As Counties Underreport Stats

Nationwide, hate crimes remained about the same, going from 6,604 in 2009 to 6,628 in 2010, according to the FBI. But activists say the real number is even higher.

Mississippi Sorority Recalls 'The Cosby Show' By Dressing in Blackface

Six students at the University of Southern Mississippi dressed in black face to depict the Huxtables at an off-campus 1980s themed costume party.

Mississippi Votes No on Initiative 26, but Zygote-Rights Zealots Press On

Like the Energizer Bunny, the eggs-as-people movement plans to keep going and going and going. Thankfully, so do the folks who continually defeat them.

Mississippi Ballot Initiative Fights for the Rights of Fertilized Eggs

If the state votes yes on Amendment 26, fertilized eggs will be deemed people. Abortion will be illegal, even in cases of rape, incest and pregnancies that could kill the mother.

Teen Accused in James Anderson's Killing Linked to Other Hate Crimes

Parents, students and now the Department of Justice say Deryl Dedmon has been involved in multiple hate crimes in Mississippi.

White Teen Accused in Hate Crime Killing of Black Man Says He Was 'Seeking Revenge'

The AP reports that Deryl Dedmon wanted payback for being robbed weeks earlier. James Craig Anderson payed the ultimate price.

Death Penalty "Unlikely" for Mississisipi Teen Found Guilty of Running over James Anderson

Hinds County district attorney says he’ll likely grant the victim’s family’s wishes and spare the life of the teen found guilty of running over James Anderson.

Family of James Anderson Opposes Death Penalty in Alleged Hate Crime

“The punishment for those with hate in their hearts should be one tempered with love,” says the family.

James Anderson's Partner Can't Join Family's Wrongful Death Suit in Mississippi

Under state law, Anderson’s male partner of 17 years is not allowed to join the family’s civil suit against the white teens suspected in his high-profile murder.

How Personhood Mississippi Perverts Black History to Fight Abortion

Personhood Mississippi, the group behind the anti-choice ballot initiative Amendment 26, is the latest group to hijack racial justice history for a profoundly unjust cause. This sleaze has got to stop.

Family Files Suit Against Mississippi Teens Accused of Hate Crime

The family’s suit names all seven teens as defendants.

New Details in Violent Mississippi Murder of James Craig Anderson

Family members remember the man who loved his church choir, his partner, and the four-year-old girl they raised as their own.

'Reverse Racism': A Sad Misnomer for a Tragic Mississippi Murder

The family of a white teen charged in a horrific anti-black murder says he is the victim of “reverse racism.” Sadly, we must again point out that power, more than prejudice, is the foundation of racism. Terry Keleher breaks it down.

Hundreds Remember Mississippi Hate Crime Victim James Anderson

The crime has shocked the nation and put local officials in the hot seat.

Video Shows White Teens Driving Over Black Man in Mississippi Hate Crime

The group was allegedly out to find, hurt, and kill the first black person they saw. James Craig Anderson, 49, became their victim.

Haley Barbour Leads War on Medicaid as States Ready Health Reform

The likely GOP presidential candidate says Medicaid recipients drive BMWs in Mississippi.