Minnesota Voter ID Amendment Draws Youth Activists

Minnesota’s voter ID is creating a new generation of activists fighting for social justice. Miracle Randle is one of them.

How Many Lawyers Does it Take to Screw an Election?

Minnesota lawmakers claim ignorance over violating ethics in the voter ID suit that stands to discriminate against voters of color.

Indy Rapper Brother Ali's #Occupation in Black Minneapolis

Brother Ali hasn’t always seen his work as political commentary. But ahead of his third studio album and a new political consciousness, all of that has changed when he got arrested while occupying a foreclosed home.

Black Transgender Woman CeCe McDonald to be Housed in Male Prison

Minnesota will initially house new inmate CeCe McDonald as a male.

The Wealthy One Percent That's Behind Minnesota's Voter ID Push

The perennial swing state’s wealthiest finance institutions and conservative political operatives are banding together to disenfranchise millions of voters, according to a new report.

First Openly Gay Indian Woman Elected to MN State Legislature

Minnesota House district 61B made history Tuesday when they elected the first American Indian woman to the state legislature.

Racist Phone Calls for Hmong City Council Candidate in Minnesota

A racist man angry about the Saint Paul’s changing demographics takes it out on a local politician. And there’s a recording of it.