Black man with black hair in green basketball jersey with white letters holding orange basketball in front of black background

Sterling Brown, Milwaukee Bucks Critique Police 'Intimidation' After Arrest Video Release

The NBA player pledged legal action against the Milwaukee Police Department after it released a video of officers violently arresting him in January.

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Milwaukee County Sheriff and Professional Trump Supporter David Clarke Steps Down

The conservative figurehead blamed the 2016 Milwaukee uprising on “father-absent homes” and faced criticism for a death and alleged sexual assaults in his jails.

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Former Milwaukee Cop Acquitted for Killing Sylville Smith

Dominique Heaggan-Brown was fired for still-pending sexual assault charges.

Graphic that compares stop and frisk numbers from 2008 to 2015

ACLU Sues City of Milwaukee for Racist Stop and Frisk Policy

“Data reflect that…Black drivers citywide were seven times more likely—and that Hispanic drivers were five times more likely—to be targeted for a traffic stop than white drivers.”

Sign reads "Stop 287 g."

Thousands Join Milwaukee's Day Without Latinxs, Immigrants and Refugees March

The action comes after Sheriff David Clarke vows to have ICE deputize officers to arrest and detain undocumented immigrants.

Black man with orange prison outfit against brown background

Milwaukee Ex-Cop Who Killed Sylville Smith Indicted

Dominique Heaggan-Brown could face up to 60 years in prison.

Black man with orange prison outfit against brown background

Milwaukee Officer Who Killed Sylville Smith Fired for Sexual Assault Charges

The complaint against Dominique Heaggan-Brown came two days after he fatally shot Smith and sparked an uprising in Milwaukee.

Two middle Black men mourn at protest against the police killing of Sylville Smith

Milwaukee, After the Fires

In mid-August Milwaukee experienced several days of unrest due to the police killing of 23-year-old Sylville Smith. Here, community leaders reflect on the before and after. 

Standing on the Republican National Convention stage, Donald Trump grimaces

Trump Says: I 'Reject Bigotry and Hatred'

The Republican presidential nominee posted his stance on crafting an America built on “common culture and values” on Facebook yesterday.

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Milwaukee Sheriff Blames Uprising on 'Father-Absent Homes'

He also cited “failed liberal urban policies” and “questionable lifestyle choices” for the protests that erupted after a police officer killed 23-year-old Sylville Smith.

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STUDY: Police Body Cameras in Danger of Being Used as 'Instruments of Injustice'

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights examined body-worn camera policies in 50 municipalities. It was not impressed.

Man Charged with Killing Hmong Couple and Puerto Rican Man Ruled Unfit for Trial

Following the ruling, the victims’ families and a coalition of Milwaukee-based advocacy organizations reiterated their call for hate crime charges.

Multi-Racial Coalition Advocates for Hate Crime Charges in Triple Homicide

Dan Popp faces homicide charges in the March 6 deaths of Jesus Manso-Perez, Phia Vue and Mai Vue.

ICYMI: No Civil Rights Charges for Milwaukee Cop Who Killed Dontre Hamilton

The Department of Justice said there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that the officer intended to break the law when he shot and killed the 31-year-old black man.

Milwaukee Panel Upholds Firing of Officer in Dontre Hamilton Shooting

Is it enough?

Milwaukee Cops Let A Reporter In; Here's What They Say

Some members of law enforcement are beginning to address race relations publicly; is it enough?

Police Chief Defends Detaining Teen's Mother After Neighbor's Fatal Shot

After a 13-year-old boy was shot and killed in front of his Milwaukee home last month, police forced his grieving mother to sit in a squad car for more than an hour rather than let her hold her dying son or join him at the hospital.

75-Year-Old Milwaukee Man Kills Black Teen In Front of Boy's Mother

A 75-year-old Milwaukee man pleaded not guilty Monday in the fatal shooting of his 13-year-old neighbor.

Milwaukee Journalist Eugene Kane: Black Youth Are 2011 Boogeyman

A columnist at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says the city’s black youth are “out of control.”

Black Drivers in Milwaukee are Seven Times More Likely to be Stopped by Police

Black Milwaukee drivers are seven times more likely to be stopped by city police as a white driver. Eventhough police found contraband items in searches involving black drivers at the same rate as whites.