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3 Major Takeaways From New Survey on Trump and Millennials of Color

The new GenForward survey says: people of color are not here for President Donald Trump or his policies.

Meet the 24-Year-Old Filipina-American Who Raised $650K on Kickstarter

Angelia Trinidad’s “Passion Planner” has had record success on the crowdfunding platform. Colorlines talked to her about family, what motivates her, and why an old-school paper planner has struck a chord with tens of thousands of people.

After the Quake, Millennial Haitian-Americans Are Open for Business

One American-born and raised Hatian millennial explains why he and his peers are doing business on the island.

A Mandela Reading List

Honor Mandela’s legacy by learning about the man, his people and the times that created him. Here’s a starting point.