Miles Ahead

Watch Don Cheadle Break Down This 'Miles Ahead' Scene

“Miles Ahead” hits select theaters across the country today. Cheadle sat down with The New York Times for an insider’s look at a key scene.

Here's a New 'Miles Ahead' Clip to Finish Off Your Afternoon

Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis biopic opens in theaters on April 1.  

WATCH The Stunning New Trailer for Don Cheadle's 'Miles Ahead'

Cheadle’s directorial debut arrives in theaters April 1. 

WATCH: Don Cheadle Brings Miles Davis To Life In Two New 'Miles Ahead' Clips

“Miles Ahead,” Cheadle’s directorial debut, premiered yesterday as the New York Film Festival’s closing screening. 

Sony Pictures Thinks Miles Davis Biopic Is About an 'Iconic Singer'

The Don Cheadle-helmed biopic was picked up by Sony Pictures Classic, which labeled the trailblazing trumpeter, songwriter and genre-bender as an “iconic singer.”