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TSA security checkpoint

U.S. Lifts Electronics Ban on Flights From Middle East

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security has imposed new security measures for all international flights entering the United States.

The Israel Lobby Finds a New Face: Black College Students

Supporters of Palestinian rights have charged that Israel is an apartheid state. In response, the country’s staunchest U.S. lobby group is recruiting black college students to say there’s no way Israel can be racist.

Palestinian Youth Channel an Old Struggle Through New Media

Global Justice columnist Michelle Chen explores the future of resistance, on and offline, with her students in the occupied territories.

Do Western Strikes in Libya Betray Peaceful Revolt Everywhere?

Western nations enter the fray with ulterior motives that may make a just end impossible.

The Wave of Popular Uprisings Has Washed Beyond the Middle East

From Zimbabwe to Madison, popular movements are looking for their own “trigger elements.”

Egypt's Uprising Forces a New American View of the "Arab Street"

We now see people who demand freedom, rather than a scary “other” challenging our own.