Michelle Rhee

Mapping the Backlash Against High-Stakes Testing [Infographic]

Public school parents, educators and now even lawmakers around the country are fed up with standardized testing that can determine whether kids graduate, teachers lose their jobs, and schools remain open. Here’s a visual survey of major actions.

Leaked Memo Shows Michelle Rhee Knew About Possible Teacher Cheating in D.C. Schools

The polarizing school reform leader has been less than forthright about possible teacher cheating under her watch.

Michelle Rhee Joins Parent Blame Game in DREAM Act Support

The controversial champion of education reform joins several high profile figures in using faulty rhetoric to support undocumented students.

Michelle Rhee Responds to D.C. Testing Scandal

This week Michelle Rhee, the face of an education reform movement sweeping across the nation, was called to answer for a possible cheating scandal that happened under her watch as the former chancellor of the Washington, D.C. schools. After initially dismissing the study, Rhee acknowledged this week that cheating may indeed have taken place in her district, calling her earlier criticisms “stupid.”

Oscars Snub 'Waiting for Superman'

Looks like Michelle Rhee can’t convince everyone that she’s got all the answers.

Michelle Rhee Goes National With School Education Platform

The controversial former D.C. schools chief wants to raise $1 billion for her new project by year’s end.

Michelle Rhee To Leave Washington, D.C. Schools

The controversial education reformer won’t stay out of the spotlight for long.

D.C. School Reform In Question After Mayor Fenty's Loss

Controversial reformer Michelle Rhee admits that her aggressive nature may have helped lead to the mayor’s downfall.