Michael Brown

Beyoncé Spills Some 'Lemonade,' Stops The World

Fans can now access both the visual and audio album via iTunes and Tidal. 

M.I.A. Responds to Criticism of Her #BlackLivesMatter Comments

The provocative artist created controversy when she criticized Beyoncé’s apparent silence on Islamophobia.

Watch This Group Update Hollywood Walk of Fame With Names of People Killed by Police

Indecline gives Tamir Rice, Aiyana Stanley-Jones and more the star treatment and declares that #BlackLivesMatter.

Ferguson Leaders Reverse Course, Approve DOJ Agreement to Overhaul Police Department and Courts

The Justice Department previously filed a civil rights suit against the Missouri city for its refusal to change unconstitutional and discriminatory policies.

Saul Williams Hits Ferguson Streets for Stark New Music Video

“The Noise Came From Here” also features Marcellus Buckley, a poet and friend of Michael Brown. 

Ferguson Fails to Approve DOJ Policing Agreement, Now Open to Civil Rights Lawsuit

DOJ: “The Department of Justice will take the necessary legal actions to ensure that Ferguson’s policing and court practices comply with the Constitution and relevant federal laws.”

#TBT: Today Marks 17 Years Since NYPD Officers Killed Amadou Diallo

His family is still fighting against police violence. 

ICYMI: Watch Activist DeRay McKesson School Stephen Colbert on White Privilege

McKesson on privilege and racism: “Gotta create space for the conversation. We can’t address what we don’t talk about.”

Kendrick Lamar's Reaction to Police Brutality: 'Rage Is The Perfect Word for It'

In XXL’s latest issue,  the superstar speaks candidly about his own experiences with state violence. 

‘The Daily Show’ Claps Back at ‘Ferguson Effect’ Myth

“The Daily Show’s” Trevor Noah: “People claim that the police are unable to do their jobs because they’re afraid of being caught doing their jobs badly. And this is a big problem, unless you deal in facts. In which case it’s not actually a problem.”

Anonymous Denies Responsibility For False #OpKKK Reveals

“We respect the work of our fellow freedom fighters. However, we are unable to confirm, deny or take credit for any work that we did not do.”

Anonymous Threatens To Reveal Identities of 1,000 Active KKK Members

“You’ve had blood on your hands for nearly 200 years.”

Ferguson Commission Report Examines Issues Behind Mike Brown Uprising, Proposes Action

The 16-member commission examined the issues that led to unrest and uprising in Ferguson to create a plan for reform.

Community Gathers for Vigil Honoring Slain Ferguson 9-Year-Old Jamyla Bolden

The nine-year-old was killed during a drive-by shooting, just blocks from where Michael Brown was shot.

Ferguson Activists and Attorneys Talk Chemical Warfare, Mass Arrests, Latest Police Shooting

“All of this is designed to intimidate peaceful demonstrators from engaging in protected First Amendment activity and chill their right to free speech.”

#LastWords Project Chronicles Last Words of Unarmed Black Men and Boys

Shirin Barghi’s #LastWords project chronicles the final words of unarmed black men and boys.

California Bans Grand Juries for Police-Involved Murders

California passes a law that puts the decision to charge officers for killing civilians solely in the hands of prosecutors.

5 Photos That Sum Up 12 Months of Street Action Against State Violence

After the police killing of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014, photojournalist Bryan MacCormack traveled the country documenting street protests against racialized violence. Here, five powerful images from his 12-month trek.

President Obama 'Feels Great Urgency’ to Tackle Race Issues While In Office

President Obama on racial issues in America: “I feel a great urgency to get as much done as possible.”

VIDEO: #BlackTwitter Activists Reflect on the Year Since Ferguson

Three anti-police violence activists who specialize in social media speak in this New York Times video about the year since #Ferguson.