Illustration of ofrenda with red candles, orange leaves and blue and green and red and gold and orange skulls on brown wood platform

Google Doodle Celebrates Día de los Muertos

The homepage illustration commemorates the annual holiday, when members of the Mexican diaspora welcome back the spirits of deceased ancestors.

Brown men, women and children in multicolored clothing dancing on dark grey pavement in front of brown house with green lawn and light gray driveway

#TBT to When Mexican- and Punjabi-American Neighbors United to Celebrate Independence Day

The viral video of the two groups joyfully dancing in the middle of a Stockton, California, street points to a long-standing connection between Punjabi and Mexican communities in Northern California.

Mexican flag. Red, green and white flag viewed through a hole in a brick wall

You're Doing Cinco de Mayo All Wrong

This thread explains another way to celebrate. No, it does not involve tequila or cultural appropriation.

Cancer cells

STUDY: Puerto Ricans More Likely to Die From Breast Cancer Than Other U.S.-Based Latinxs

A new study found huge disparities in mortality rates among various groups of Latinx cis women living in the U.S.

WATCH: Samantha Bee on Trump, Racism and the GOP

The late-night host says Trump is an exemplar of his party, not an exception.

Study: Latino Immigrants Choose 'White' Pass

With draconian anti-immigrant laws and deportation dragnets in high gear, it looks like America’s racial barriers are hardening against the Latino community. But who draws those lines?