Three young Black men with black hair, one in white t-shirt and black jeans, the others in black t-shirts and black jeans

WATCH: Doc About Black Teen Metalheads Mistreated by Music Industry Execs

One scene in “Breaking a Monster,” which follows metal trio Unlocking the Truth, shows a group member’s parents candidly discussing why they turned the young band’s future over to professional managers.

Phil Anselmo is So Metal, He Thinks Doing a Nazi Salute and Shouting 'White Power' Isn't Racist

“I f***ing love everyone, I f***ing loathe everyone, and that’s that.” 

Researcher Who Discovered Water On Mars Is A Nepalese-American Metalhead

Lujendra Ojha’s genius and hobbies should not shock anybody, but they are — and they’re making him a mini-celebrity in the process.