Bad News in Mississippi: Rats-to-Prison Pipeline Opens

So many rats in a Mississippi prison for the mentally ill that the inmates have started making pets out of them.

What the DOJ Can't Do on School Discipline Reform

The Department of Justice could push the Meridian, Miss., school district to dismantle its school-to-prison pipeline. How will a history of racist violence

DOJ Files Landmark Agreement to Curb Meridian, Miss.'s School-to-Prison Pipeline

“For Mississippi it’s really a glorious day.”

The School-to-Prison Pipeline Gets Its First-Ever Airing in the Senate

Wednesday’s Judiciary Committee hearing comes on the heels of a Justice Department suit against Meridian, Miss., where school officials are charged with routinely locking kids up for petty offenses.

DOJ Sues Mississippi for Its Egregious School-to-Prison Pipeline

The city of Meridian can’t violate the due process rights of youth in its juvenile justice system, the federal government says.