A sign for Sinclair Broadcast Group appears at the forefront of a parking lot, a tree without leaves, and the building for the corporation in the far background with an overcast sky.

Media Merger Madness: Why the Marriage of Sinclair and Tribune Is a Credible Threat to Our Democracy [OPINION]

Considering conservative-leaning Sinclair’s history of acquiring local stations and centralizing news operations, the new broadcast behemoth would be able to determine which community efforts receive media attention, harden political viewpoints and define what constitutes a terrorist threat.

AT&T Drops Bid to Buy T-Mobile: Here's Why You Should Be Happy

The implications are huge for mobile users of color, many of whom are stuck on the wrong side of a new digital divide.

Comcast Merger Worries Indie Artists, Web Advocates

Welcome to the latest part in the saga over equal media access.