mental health

Report: Majority of Prison Inmates Have Mental Illness

An Urban Institute report highlights the gaps in knowledge about how this population fares.

In California, Trauma Experienced in Childhood a 'Public Health Crisis'

Sixty-one percent of all Californians have experienced some kind of trauma as children.

Out of Prison, but Not Free [Video]

Men leaving Louisiana’s infamous Angola penitentiary describe the emotional and psychological hurdles they face after years of incarceration.

Prisons' Fastest Growing Population: Mentally Ill, Aging Inmates

Today, prisons function as “society’s psychiatric institutions.”

One Asian-American Mom Breaks the Silence About Postpartum Depression

Sharline Chiang chips away at the stigma around Asian Americans and mental illness.

Latina Filmmaker Vanessa Libertad Garcia Dies at Age 29

A promising young filmmaker at the beginning of her career, Garcia took her life on August 17.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Punches Mentally Ill Woman [Video]

A woman, who witnesses say was not being combative, was punched in the face by a Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy.

Kids Still Shaken by Katrina

Research shows the emotional impact of years of poverty, instability and government neglect.

Wisconsin Responds to Imprisoned Women's Mental Health Crisis

The ACLU has settled a landmark lawsuit over female inmates’ mental and physical health services in Wisconsin.

Prejudice Makes You Crazy, Study Finds

Putting hard data behind an obvious truth.

Feds Take Over New York's Troubled Youth Prisons

Advocates say it’s a start, but kids with mental health needs ought to be in treatment, not lock up.