media justice

The FCC May Change How the Internet Works, Which Sucks For You

And people of color stand to lose big.

Learn How and Why Journalists Are Dropping the I-Word

We brought together ethnic and community media journalists to talk about a investigation, in which Gabriel Thompson detailed how the right has made racism sound fair in immigration politics. You can listen to the briefing as well!

Black Journalists Scold BBC for 'Stunning Lack of Sensitivity' in London Riots

The scathing letter says the world’s largest news network should have a better analysis around race.

Media Is Growing More White. What's the FCC Doing About It?

A perennial problem is worsening, as journalists of color leave (or are pushed from) mainstream newsrooms and graduates entering the workforce face the largest racial disparity in hiring in a generation.

Civil Rights Groups and Telecom Watchdogs Split On Mobile Merger

The NAACP and Urban League have said the deal is good for people of color. But media justice advocates insist it’ll threaten equal access and drive up costs–and they charge civil rights groups are selling out.

Media Overload? A Look at Exactly How Much Youth of Color Consume

A new study breaks down the significant racial disparity in media consumption, and advocates point out what it means for the politics of media regulation.

Teen Girl Filmmakers Stand Up to Comcast Exec's Bullying

Reel Grrls haven’t backed down after an exec threatened to pull sponsorship for their critique of Republican FCC members’ shady ties to Comcast.

4 Campaigns Holding Big Media Accountable for How It Treats Us spent last weekend at the National Conference on Media Reform hearing about ways community is demanding corporate media do better.

Latino Web Users Challenge Verizon

Verizon’s not the only one who can make persuasive ads.

Al Franken: Net Neutrality is the Free Speech Issue of Our Time

Hundreds gather in the Twin Cities and online to put real faces to the debate over broadband access and regulation.

Andrew Says the FCC Should Skip the "Scramble" and Just Act

How the net neutrality holdup is more of a political barrier than a policy one.

Here's Why the Broadband Debate Matters For You

Yeah, it’s complicated. But here’s a primer on “net neutrality” and why communities of color should care about it.

Web Bangs on "EvilGoogle" HQ Door

As the debate fades in Washington, it’s picking up everywhere else.