media analysis

How News Media Fuels the Myth of Black Crime

In TV land, all the violent crime suspects are black. Not so much in real life.

How Black American Voters Feel About The Clintons

Or, the right way to assess African-American voter perceptions

The News Media's Public Disservice in Boston

In moments like these, people make assumptions. It becomes all the more important for media to challenge those assumptions and keep our prejudices in check. In that, too many failed.

A Tale of Two Economies

Economic cheerleading of late would lead you to believe happy days are here again. Not for everybody.

Oprah and Her Natural Hair Cover O Magazine

It’s a first for the talk show host in her magazine’s 12-year history.

5 Signs You're Acting Like a White Guy (Or, How To Not Be Gene Marks)

You need not be white or a guy to act a fool in public, says stand-up comedian W. Kamau Bell. So here are some warning signals that you might be “getting all Gene Marksy up in here.”

'If I Were A Poor Black Kid' Dude Responds to Baratunde Thurston's Satirical Letter

Despite all the controversy, Gene Marks still thinks that if poor black kids in Philadelphia study hard and apply to the best schools they’ll turn out fine.

If I Were A White, Male Middle Aged Forbes Columnist...

The lesson of Gene Marks’s “If I Were a Poor Black Kid” column: If you don’t have firsthand knowledge of structural inequality, you have to put in time and rigorous research to write about it. Or you could just stay in your lane.

Black Website Shows Us the Right and Wrong Ways to Talk HIV gave HIV/AIDS lots of play on World AIDS day. Two of its stories show how far we’ve come and where we still need to go.

5 of the Dumbest Things Said About the Occupy Wall Street Movement

It was a given that conservative pundits would fear-monger around the Occupy Wall Street Movement. But we’ve rounded up their most outlandish insults.

Iman: Italian Vogue 'Might As Well Have Called Those' Slave Earrings 'N-- Earrings'

Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani has since apologized for the “inconvenience.”

Chicago CBS Affiliate Makes 4-yr.-old Sound Like a Thug, Says Sorry

Turns out the kid who supposedly bragged about wanting to have a gun when he grows up really said he wants to be a police officer. The station acknowledges “mistakes were made.”

You Maaad!--How Fox News Uses Hip-Hop to Create Race Panics

How the network uses black rappers to scare white parents, court their kids and make millions.

Jose Antonio Vargas Talks American Identity on Rachel Maddow Show

The Pulitzer Prize winning journalist is quickly becoming a gamechanger in the debate over the Dream Act.

Jose Antonio Vargas Came Out as Undocumented, NOT "Illegal"

So why do so many of his journalism colleagues still insist on using the slur to describe him? Monica Novoa explains why it is long past time for news media to Drop the I-Word.

White Male Bloggers Want Everything But the Burden of Oppression

There’s a historical precedent for Internet hoaxers Tom MacMaster and Bill Graber. And trust that there will be more to come.

The NY Post Makes DSK's Alleged Rape Victim an AIDS Predator

In its lust for a salacious scoop, Rupert Murdoch’s chronically race-baiting tabloid has made both the alleged victim and her community into the villains.

Students Push to Get Satoshi Kanazawa Fired in London

Meanwhile, angry Psychology Today readers are moving to have the evolutionary psychologist dropped for his racist research.

The Pseudoscience of "Black Women Are Less Attractive"

A London School of Economics psychology professor creates bar graphs to show how

black women are uglier than women of other races. Psychology Today publishes it. Sigh.

CNN Anchor Don Lemon Talks About Being Gay, Black and on TV

He told the Times that he couldn’t write a feel-good black memoir without being honest and challenging what he says is one of the community’s biggest taboos.