exterior of a McDonald's fast food restaurant

McDonald's Hit With Another Lawsuit For Sexual Harassment

Hundreds of the company’s Michigan-based employees are preparing to strike in response to its handling of gender-based discrimination allegations.

Yellow and white McDonald's sign on red restaurant roof

Workers File Sexual Harassment Charges Against McDonald's

The women and teenagers say they were afraid to speak out for fear of being fired.

Protestors hold sign that reads: "McDonald's is the Trump of Corporations"

Fight for $15 Activists Call McDonald's 'The Trump of Corporations'

The living wage campaign staged major protests across the country this week.

Yellow and white McDonald's sign on red restaurant roof

McDonald’s Must Pay $355,000 for Discriminating Against Immigrants

The fast food chain will also pay back wages to employees who were negatively impacted by the discriminatory policy.

The Reason Why I Fight

Seven low-wage workers tell video storyteller Kat Lazo why they made the time and braved the chilly New York City rain to join the Fight for $15’s mammoth national day of action. 

Chicago Reparations, Brits Vote, Atmospheric CO2 Hits New Record

Some of Thursday’s big stories

McDonald's Workers Win Pay Raise

Increases won’t apply to majority of company’s fast food workers, however

Black McDonald's Workers Fired 'To Get the Ghetto Out,' Lawsuit Alleges

The ten plaintiffs have worked a combined 50 years at McDonald’s.

In Rare Move, McDonald's Franchisee Speaks Out

Claims McDonald’s rep said, ‘You guys can make more money if you pay your employees less.’

More Than 100 Protesters Arrested Outside McDonald's HQ

Heavy police presence met protesters yesterday

McDonald's Campus Closes Because of Fast Food Protests

Barricades and fencing surround the entrance to the McDonald’s campus

Majority of Front-Line Fast-Food Workers Need Public Assistance

A new study shows 52 percent of front-line fast-food employees need public assistance to make ends meet.

McDonald's Guest Workers Strike and Demand Meeting With Company CEO

They’re not lovin’ it.