Family of Cambodian Native Killed by Minnesota-Area Police Says He Had No History of Violence

“He could’ve been waving his keys [or] his phone,” says the aunt of Map Kong, a Minneapolis man shot by police in nearby Burnsville last week. 

FBI Investigates Chattanooga Killings, McDonald's Franchises Struggle, Emmy Nominations

Some of Friday’s big stories

Why a Raise in the Minimum Wage Will Happen

The faster Wall Street and corporations resisting the income hike grasp the political reality, the better it will be for the millions of people who work full-time but don’t earn enough to live; especially women of color.

Not Loving It: Young Students Forced to Go to McDonalds for WiFi After Libraries Close

Wifi… would you like fries with that?

1976 McDonald's Ad Shows Long Courtship of Black Customers

Showing a smiling black family gathered around a table at the fast food chain, the ad also proclaims: ‘You don’t have to get dressed up… there’s no tipping.’

Activist Group Yes Men Confirm NYPD Stop and Frisk Happy Meal Hoax

But plenty of media took the bait, and now the NYPD’s shady policing practices are up for more debate.

McDonald's Denies NYPD Deal to Give Happy Meals to Stop and Frisk Victims

On Tuesday, McDonald’s denied participating in a campaign called “Three Strikes, You’re In!” that rewarded New Yorkers who have been victims of NYPD’s stop and frisk policies with a Happy Meal.