May Day

Black woman in camouflage jacket with fist raised next to Brown man in white t-shirt next to person with paper covering their face in front of crowd and brown and grey apartment buildings and blue sky

#MayDay Actions in 7 Scenes

Advocacy groups and activists are gathering in cities across the world to demand an end to oppressive systems of power. Here, some video from actions helmed by groups of color in the United States. 

How is Occupy Los Angeles Working With Communities of Color? [Reader Forum] readers talk about how immigrant rights groups and Occupy Los Angeles came together on May Day.

Where's the Color in the Occupy Movement? Wherever We Put It

On a day when the world celebrates the rights of everyday workers, we sat down with activists of color to talk about Occupy Wall Street.

The Art of a May Day Protest

As people celebrate international worker’s day, we take a look at the visual art that’s become essential to the movement.

Find The May Day Rally In Your Town

The last eight days have galvanized the immigrant rights movement, and there are hundreds of rallies planned all over the country tomorrow. Advocates, attorneys, and lawmakers are asking that supporters of immigrant rights and immigration reform get out tomorrow to demand action at the federal level and denounce Arizona’s recent SB 1070. The resounding call is statement of solidarity with the immigrant community there: “We are all Arizona.” Todos somos Arizona.