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Pulse massacre mourner Saamiya Pirbhai, wearing a rose-colored hijab, stands behind a makeshift memorial with homemade posters and sunflowers.

Post-Pulse Massacre, Moving Forward Means Rejecting Scarcity and Fear

Yas Ahmed of Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity reflects on post-Pulse Islamophobia, the power of community and what it is to be a “queer, Muslim, gender non-conforming, Arab, mixed-race, able-bodied ​person of color” today.

A man in New York City lays 50 red roses on an outdoor altar to commemorate the Pulse victims who died.

When the One Place That Feels Like Home is Invaded

Being queer and Latinx in the U.S. sometimes feels like it can be impossible to find our people. Now tragedy has found us.

A woman wearing a blue head scarf lights a candle on a long makeshift memorial alter that is dotted with rainbow flags

What You Need to Know About the Orlando Massacre, the Latinx LGBTQ Community and Islamophobia

From Coalición Unida to the Justice Department to the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity, here is the conversation surrounding the mass murder of members of the Latinx LGBTQ community.

Media and Political Responses to San Bernardino Massacre Reveal Racial Coding and Assumptions of Collective Guilt

These occur in the midst of an already-vicious anti-Muslim backlash.

President Obama on San Bernardino Shooting: 'We Don't Know Why They Did It'

The president’s comments regarding the two Muslim shooters’ motive comes as some attempt to pin the crime on religious fanaticism. 

Wisconsin Sikhs Commemorate First Anniversary of Oak Creek Shooting

Hundreds of supporters came together today to remember the victims of last year’s mass shooting at a Sikh temple.