Martin O'Malley

ICYMI: Cruz Beats Trump, Clinton Squeaks by Sanders at Iowa Caucuses

Ted Cruz delivered a solid win over Donald Trump, with Marco Rubio coming in third. Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders basically tied, with Clinton eking out a win by just .3 percent.

Dem Presidential Hopefuls Talked White Privilege, Deportation, Diversity at Iowa Forum

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley answered pointed race questions from Fusion at the oldest people-of-color focused presidential debate in the country. 

Hillary Clinton Vows to Turn Down Donations from Private Prison Companies

Clinton says she will no longer accept campaign donations from lobbyists and PACs that represent the private prison industry.

READ: DeRay Mckesson Reveals Details of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Meetings

From community policing to the racial wealth gap, activists broke down the policies that can really tackle structural racism in American.

Report: Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Could Stand to Diversify Their Staffs

Hillary Clinton’s staff is the most diverse of the bunch—people of color represent 32 percent of the people on board.

Stephen A. Smith Receives Backlash For Berating Critics of 'All Lives Matter'

The controversial ESPN commentator was quickly rebuked for his condescending comments on those who criticized Martin O’Malley for saying “all lives matter.” 

Watch: HuffPost Live Interview With #BlackLivesMatter Activists Who Took Over Netroots Nation

#BlackLivesMatter activists on the presidential hopefuls’ commitment to issues that impact black community: “We need bold and courageous leadership right now. We don’t need people who are gonna be cowardly and people who are going to be defensive.”