The Cutest Sneakerhead Marriage Proposal You'll Ever See

Take notes, y’all.

Latinos Most Likely Ethnic Group to 'Marry-Out' of Race

The share of all current marriages that are either interracial or interethnic has reached an all-time high. And Latinos lead the way.

Three Feminists Talk About The Media's Obsession With Unwed Black Women

There’s a lucrative industry devoted to saying that something’s wrong with black women. Here’s what we should be talking about instead.

ABC to Turn Tracy McMillan's Single Ladies-Hating Manifesto Into Sitcom

The biracial TV writer’s HuffPo editorial “Why You’re Not Married” will also become a book. Both should be a big hit for folks who believe that a wedding band is more important than a woman’s self-worth.

Hey, Media: Don't Lecture Black Women About Marriage

Racialicious’ Latoya Peterson on the media’s obsession with black women and marriage rates among African-Americans.

Single Women Fend for Themselves in Recession

Single women of color, despite their vital economic contributions as consumers, parents and workers, bear the brunt of the economy’s decline.

Study: "Marriage Promotion" in Welfare Doesn't Work

Yet, even as we shred the social safety net, there’s always new money for magical thinking about “family values” as a way to combat poverty.