Marissa Alexander

Marissa Alexander Released; Now on House Arrest

After serving three years, Alexander will be monitored by ankle bracelet for an additional two.

Marissa Alexander Pleads Guilty

Deal ends four-year case that, along with Trayvon Martin’s murder, thrust Florida’s Stand Your Ground law into national spotlight.

Marissa Alexander's Retrial Postponed to December

A pending Florida law could determine Alexander’s future.

Women's Prison Anthology Aims to Raise Money for Marissa Alexander

The anthology will be available for purchase in early June.

Florida Senate Committee Passes 'Warning Shot Bill' as Marissa Alexander Faces Triple Sentence

The controversial bill expands existing Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws.

Marissa Alexander Supporters Call for Release, Not a New Trial

Some advocates for the Florida mom who was jailed for firing a warning shot during an altercation with her husband say a fair retrail isn’t possible

Activists Kick Off Letter-Writing Campaign for Marissa Alexander

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month activists enlist men to write 31 letters to the mother who was jailed for firing a warning shot during an altercation with her abusive husband

Marissa Alexander Gets a New Trial

An appeals judge orders a new trial because of flawed jury instructions.

Florida Black Woman Gets 20 Years After Failed 'Stand Your Ground' Defense

Despite a series of rallies and calls for her release, Marissa Alexander was sentenced Friday morning to 20 years for firing one shot into a wall during an argument with her estranged husband.