Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio Suspends Presidential Campaign After Losing Florida Primary

In his concession speech, Rubio spoke about a need for politics based “not on fear, not on anger, not on preying on people’s frustrations.”

Clinton, Trump Big Winners on Super Tuesday

The candidates react to the biggest day of the election cycle so far.

ICYMI: Cruz Beats Trump, Clinton Squeaks by Sanders at Iowa Caucuses

Ted Cruz delivered a solid win over Donald Trump, with Marco Rubio coming in third. Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders basically tied, with Clinton eking out a win by just .3 percent.

READ: DeRay Mckesson Reveals Details of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Meetings

From community policing to the racial wealth gap, activists broke down the policies that can really tackle structural racism in American.

Clinton In, Rubio Next, and What About Loretta Lynch's Confirmation?

Some of Monday’s big stories

Who Needs to 'Get Informed' on Che Guevara? Jay-Z or Marco Rubio?

Guevara does have a complex history.

Watch Rubio's Recycled Talking Points on Immigration

The Daily Beast compiled a video sequence that illustrates how Rubio recycled his talking points over and over.

Marco Rubio's Impossible Task: Make Racism Palatable to Latinos

The ambitious, young senator hews closely to the GOP’s far right on nearly every issue. But Republicans believe a rhetorical shift on immigration alone will bring Latinos into the fold.

Rubio to Deliver 'Estado de la Unión' Rebuttal in English and Spanish

On Wednesday, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) to deliver the Republican Address to the Nation following the President’s State of the Union address.

Rubio, who is Cuban-American, will be delivered the rebuttal in both English and Spanish, according to a press release sent out by McConnell’s office.

Dems 'Have A Dance Partner' on Immigration, But Is It Two-Step or Jazz?

With Marco Rubio’s plan looking an awful lot like the White House’s, the real question is how will we get there and what gets lost along the way.

Marco Rubio Breaks With Romney on China: 'Not Good Policy' and Will 'Hurt' Americans

On CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday, Rubio said he feared this could lead to a trade war.

Marco Rubio Meets with Latino Dems, DREAMers on Alternative Youth Immigration Bill

It may just be that Rubio’s ambitions and the immigrant community’s desperation can help both sides find common ground.

Marco Rubio Pushes Nightmarish DREAM Act in Run for GOP's VP Nod

Marco Rubio’s carefully maneuvering his way into the next tier of Republican politics.

Marco Rubio Meets Miami DREAMer, Still Opposes DREAM Act

Witness the Florida Republican Senator’s head-scratching political calculus.

Will Rubio's Spanish-language Ad Lure Latino Voters?

Democrats, of course, don’t think so.

Florida Senate Race Might Not Be That Close, After All

Marco Rubio’s surging in the polls, while Gov. Charlie Crist fights to remain relevant.

Marco Rubio's Tea Party Ride, and Crash, Into National Politics

The first generation son of Cuban exiles is rising to become a rare, outspoken conservative Latino on the national stage.

Meek and Rubio Move Ahead in Florida; McCain Wins in Arizona

Florida’s Senate and gubernatorial races are sure to be bellwethers for the national political mood.

Following Florida's Political Winds

Big money, high drama and, of course, the Tea Party. Why we’re watching the Sunshine State.