Low Wage Workers

Victories (and Setbacks) in the Big Fight for Fair Wages

Tallying up the wins and unfinished work in the fight for a $15 minimum wage.

This is How the South Organizes [Photos]

An estimated 200 low-wage workers from different industries met in eastern North Carolina to share workplace struggles and get organized at a conference they called Solidarity City

Immigrant Detainees Work for a Dollar a Day

Hard work, low pay and threats of solitary confinement

Why a Raise in the Minimum Wage Will Happen

The faster Wall Street and corporations resisting the income hike grasp the political reality, the better it will be for the millions of people who work full-time but don’t earn enough to live; especially women of color.

3 Forgotten Economies of This Year's Super Bowl

Here’s a look at a few groups of workers whose livelihoods depend on the success of America’s biggest game.

Low-Wage Federal Workers Walk Off Job Today

Food servers and janitorial workers at landmark federal buildings demand a living wage.

Proposed $15 Los Angeles Hotel Worker Minimum Wage Would Be Boon to City's Latinas

Los Angeles is getting ready to take on a minimum wage hike fight for hotel workers.

Photos: Fast-Food Strikes Hit 100 Cities

December 5, 2013 marked the largest fast-food strikes in history, organizers say.

Fast-Food Worker Strikes Set for 100 Cities

The movement to organize low-wage workers is spreading to new parts of the country.

Retailers Turn Thanksgiving Into Black Thursday [Infographic]

A growing number of big-box stores are open on Thanksgiving. Find who’s open–and who’s doing the work.

Federally Contracted Workers Bring Labor Fight to Obama's Front Door

Low-wage workers are making sure the federal government doesn’t overlook the labor practices of its own contractors.

Low Wage Group Facing Eviction As University of Maryland Expands

The group United Workers says their landlord has given them a 30-day eviction notice to vacate the property.