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On Loving Day, a Call to Decolonize Love [Op-Ed]

Fifty two years after the Loving v. Virginia decision, the legalization of interracial marriage has not resulted in a more liberating environment for interracial relationships. To move past legalization and towards liberation, we must decolonize love.

New Series Explores Relationships of Black Transgender and Queer Couples

The first video in a new series explores why love is revolutionary for black transgender and queer couples.

In Film Series 'Little Brother,' Black Boys Open Up About Love

In the 10-film series producers ask a simple question of black boys ages 9 to 13: ‘How do you feel about love?’

Native Author Gyasi Ross Talks Cultural Preservation

The author of “How to Say I Love You in Indian” also shares his vision for Natives’ future

There's an Adorable Tumblr Dedicated to Queer Men of Color in Love

We so rarely see positive representations of men of color and that’s why this is all the more important to share.

Meet Antoinette Tuff, Crisis Negotiator

Call it Tuff love.

Today's Love: Citizens For Immigrants

It’s always important to have strong allies.

Eat, Pray, Love and Leave?

Julia Roberts’ new film sheds light on the privileges of being a white woman.