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Two Black men face each other, wearing black tuxedos with white shirts and black sunglasses while holding black microphones against blurry purple background

T.I., Vic Mensa Criticize Lil Wayne for Black Lives Matter Comments

T.I.: “You have to get outta that bubble that you’ve been living in and get out here and educate yourself on what’s going on around us!”

Chris Brown Says He Lost His Virginity at Eight Years Old

“It’s different in the country,” Brown told The Guardian.

Rap Legend DMC: 'Lil' Wayne, Jay Z Ain't Hot,' Fans 'Brainwashed'

The war of words continues.

My Dark, Twisted Jay-Z and Lil' Wayne Fantasy

On the heels of the so-called beef over who’s richer, I dream of a world where these two monster MCs use their ample powers for the good of everybody–including women.

Whose Fault Is It When Women Aren't Respected? [Reader Forum]

Our readers use Lil Wayne, and a response rap by two young sisters, to discuss who exactly gets disrespected by misogynistic lyrics.