Man wearing headphones sings into microphone

Broadway's Stars Unite to Honor Pulse Shooting Victims

Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda, Audra McDonald, B.D. Wong and more sing “What The World Needs Now,” to raise funds for LGBTQ advocacy.

Frank Ocean in black suit with white shirt and black tie

READ: Frank Ocean's Poignant Lament on Pulse Massacre, Homophobic and Transphobic Violence

The reclusive artist referenced Orlando and the North Carolina anti-trans bathroom bill in a new Tumblr post.

La Borinqueña in costume with Puerto Rican flag, over rainbow flag colors

Puerto Rican Comic Superhero La Borinqueña Stands in Solidarity With Orlando

“It’s an LGBT issue, a Puerto Rican issue and a Latinx issue,” said creator Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez about the Pulse massacre.

Wilson Cruz in Black suit and tie with blue background

Wilson Cruz: Pulse Massacre 'Was a Direct Attack on LGBT Latinos'

The actor, who lost family member Brenda Lee Márquez McCool in the massacre, criticized those who don’t acknowledge the tragedy’s predominantly queer Latinx victims.

A woman wearing a blue head scarf lights a candle on a long makeshift memorial alter that is dotted with rainbow flags

What You Need to Know About the Orlando Massacre, the Latinx LGBTQ Community and Islamophobia

From Coalición Unida to the Justice Department to the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity, here is the conversation surrounding the mass murder of members of the Latinx LGBTQ community.

Michael Sam Spills How He's Been Treated By LGBTQ and Black Communities

It’s probably not how you think.

This Queer Woman of Color Just Won a Seat in the Georgia House

Park Cannon will be the third openly gay member of the Georgia House. 

Learning to Fight Oppression, One Joke at a Time

A new group in Washington, D.C., In Laughing Color, teaches queer and trans people of color to do improv, write jokes and command an audience. They’re having their second “graduation” showcase this week.

A Few Choice Words on Pride 2015

As this year’s government-sanctioned Pride Month comes to a close and folks reflect on last weekend’s big-city Pride parades, lesbian, gay and transgender poeple of color weigh in on whether Pride is really here for them. 

Big Freedia Talks Gender Identity

The reality TV star chooses to be the voice for many.

Zoe Saldana Calls LGBTQ Protest of Dolce & Gabbana 'Stupidest Thing Ever'

The actress takes no issue with D&G designers’ thoughts on what they call “synthetic children.”

Femmes of Color Sound Off

Femmes of color are using a new hashtag to build community and envision new ways to be in the world.

2013 Was the Deadliest Year of LGBT Intimate Partner Violence On Record

A new report sheds more light on the problem.

'We Are the South' Rises with LGBTQ Racial Justice Activists

Meet LGBTQ racial justice activists in the South.

Black, Queer and in Vogue [PHOTOS]

Mainstream pop culture has spent decades mining the house ballroom scene of black LGBTQ communities for inspiration–without recognition, or pay.

What Obama Gets Right About LGBTQ People in the Workplace

In the next couple of days President Obama is likely to sign an executive order that would ban workplace discrimination against LGBT employees at any company that does business with the federal government.

Is Gay Pride Just for White People?

There’s still trouble in the gayborhood.

Mia McKenzie: Writing Feels Exceptional

Culture editor Jamilah King is chatting with queer and trans artists of color throughout June about the creative mind and the path toward liberation.

Watch Janet Mock and Laverne Cox Talk about 'Redefining Realness'

Tonight’s conversation at NYU will be live streamed!

Kumbia Queers Launch U.S. Tour

The innovative all-woman Latin American band transgresses social, cultural, and gender norms with their unique ‘tropi punk.’