LGBT Youth

Web Series 'The Peculiar Kind' Tackles LGBT Homeless Youth

Current and formerly homeless LGBT folks and advocates talk about solutions and care.

Homeless Youth in Focus

Newly released studies indicate the number of homeless youth nationwide is rising.

New Poll Shows More Young, Poor People of Color Identify as LGBT

Two studies released this week debunks many stereotypes about blacks and Latinos being overwhelmingly homophobic.

Rapper Murs Kisses Another Man to Call Out Homophobia in Hip Hop

California rapper Murs wearing a “Legalize Gay” shirt and kisses another man in new video.

Three Groups Unite Struggles for Racial Justice and LGBT Rights

We know that pitting queer people against people of color is a crass and sadly effective attempt to drive a wedge between two key constituencies. The Applied Research Center has released three new case studies of groups who are working to movements for LGBT rights and racial justice.

Jay-Z: Same Sex Marriage Opposition 'Holding the Country Back'

On Monday, rapper Jay-Z told CNN’s Poppy Harlow he supports gay marriage.

Gay Teen Expelled in Stun Gun School Case Attacked at Mall

The teen’s alleged attacker, Khyran R. Delay, 34, has been charged with battery.

Mom Has No Regrets About Giving Son a Stun Gun to Fend Off Bullies

An Indiana teen has been suspended and could face expulsion because he brought a stun gun to school to scare off bullies who taunted him with homophobic slurs.

Texas Rapper: Number One Thing A Rapper Shouldn't Say, 'Gay is Okay'

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, the Latino rapper wants gay youth to know that “It doesn’t just get better, it gets awesome, homie.”

BYU: Same Sex Crushy Feelings Are Okay, Just Don't Act On Them

A collective of LGBT students at Brigham Young University, the nation’s largest religious university owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, have created a video that speaks to other LGBT mormon youth.