LGBT rights

Park Cannon, the Black, Queer, Millennial Woman in the Georgia State House, is a Very Vocal Minority

Park Cannon is one of just four openly LGBTQ Black officials in state legislatures nationwide. Here, she tells Colorlines about her unorthodox path to becoming a state representative, the homophobia she faced during the election and some of the things that inspired her along the way.

Miriam Zoila Pérez: 'What Happens Next is More Important Than Marriage'

Colorlines gender columnist Miriam Zoila Pérez sorts through some sticky questions about what same-sex marriage really means to her—and what it could mean for the entire LGBTQ movement.

Rihanna Calls Out Indiana's 'Religious Freedom' Law

Badgal RiRi throws a few choice expletives at Governor Mike Pence and his homophobic friends.

Why ENDA is an Urgent Issue for People of Color

If it becomes law, the Employee Nondiscrimination Act could be a vital tool for LGBT people of color who may already face race-based discrimination in the workplace

How Latino Activists Fought For Transgender Rights in Massachusetts

A new film directed by Frances Negrón-Muntaner tells the story the activists who made the 2012 Transgender Equal Rights Bill possible.

How Immigration Reform Could Benefit LGBT People

A new infographic from the Center for American Progress maps out immigration reform for LGBT communities.

Senate Passes LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill

ENDA passed with 64-32 votes in the Senate today.

Ex-Marine Calls on People of Color to Back Same-Sex Marriage

Marquell Smith helped repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and is now turning his attention towards another LGBT cause.

LGBT Rights and Communities of Color in the South [VIDEO]

Send in your own questions to organizers working at the intersection of racial justice and sexual freedom. Chime in at #CLchat on Twitter.

Help Close Ecuador's Clincis That Use Torture to 'Cure the Gay Away'

An online gay rights group wants to shut down the country’s illegal torture centers that are targeting lesbians.

Two Votes, One Voice Against Hate in Tulsa, Oklahoma

While the state of Oklahoma certainly has its fair share of conservative policies, supporters of immigrant and LGBT rights have taken a bold stand in support of justice.

Puerto Rican Politicians Remain Silent on Homophobic Violence

Homophobic violence has swept the island in recent months, killing 18 people. Now, activists and victims’ families have renewed calls for lawmakers and religious leaders to stop inciting hate speech.

Walkout by Female MPs Delays Uganda's 'Kill the Gays' Bill Until Friday

LGBTQ advocates in Uganda say that hate crimes and violence against their community have increased following the bill’s introduction in 2009.

Spelman College Hosts Historic LGBT Summit

The event marks an important milestone for the nation’s historically black colleges.

Transgender Inmate Sues State for Sex Reassignment

California inmate Lyralisa Stevens says that the surgery could save her from being harassed and sexually assaulted in a male prison.

California Schools Move Toward LGBT History Lessons

And if approved by state lawmakers, the effort could be a huge victory for racial justice.

Singer Marsha Ambrosius Continues to Inspire

One fan tells the singer that her powerful music video hits a little too close to home.

Still No Freedom Rainbow for Transgender People of Color

Fifteen years after Tyra Hunter’s death spawned national outrage, trans people of color remain besieged by bias.

Singer Marsha Ambrosius' New Video Celebrates Queer Love

The British songstress takes a bold stand against homophobia in the black community.

More on Violence and Bias Against Transgender Women of Color

Research shows the murders are but the most extreme form of danger they face.