Kobe Bryant Corrects Fan for Using Anti-Gay Slur on Twitter

Remember when Kobe Bryant called an NBA referee an anti-gay slur in 2011? It appears that experience was a life lesson for the Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard because he is now schooling others for using anti-gay slurs.

Early Monday morning at 12:44am Bryant told a fan on twitter that he shouldn’t insult someone by calling them ‘gay.’

It started out with fans’ tweet:

Super Bowl Champ Brendon Ayanbadejo Talks LGBT Equality With Don Lemon

Ayanbadejo also said he identified as a man with “beautiful almond coconut” skin.

ACLU Wins Full Severance Pay for Troops Discharged Under 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Before the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” in 2011, gay and lesbian service members who were forced to leave the military because of their sexual orientation were often honorably discharged. Yet they were given only half of their discharge pay.

Gay Cuban-American Poet Richard Blanco to Read at Obama's Inauguration

Blanco will become the fifth poet in history to read an official inauguration poem and the first Latino and openly-gay poet to have the honor.

Meet One of The First Same Sex Couples to Get Married in Baltimore

Just minutes in to the new year seven couples got married at City Hall in Baltimore–which is in the first state south of the Mason-Dixon Line to legalize same-sex marriage.

'Jet' Magazine's First Gay Male Couple Appear on MSNBC

For the first time in its 61-year history, JET magazine has featured a male LGBT couple in its popular wedding announcements section.

Individual Choices and Shared Costs: The Case of Protesting Chick-fil-A

Two cheeky websites have borrowed from economists’ latest idea on making people feel the true cost of their choices.

Why Chick-fil-A Hasn't Reconciled Itself With the Future of America

The company president’s LGBT politics are in line with the region where it makes all its money now, but not with where it wants to grow. He should stick to selling chicken.

Rapper Murs Kisses Another Man to Call Out Homophobia in Hip Hop

California rapper Murs wearing a “Legalize Gay” shirt and kisses another man in new video.

Spam the Homophobic Frank Ocean Haters With Love

Visitors to scroll through a gallery of hateful tweets and when compelled fight hate with love.

How Will Frank Ocean Change Our Conversation About Coming Out? [Reader Forum]

Last week, R&B star Frank Ocean went public about his sexuality, marking a watershed moment in popular culture. The Colorlines community brings its support and discusses the risk of political exploitation.

Frank Ocean's Mom Calls Son 'Incredible Human Being' After Coming Out

Frank Ocean’s Def Jam debut, “Channel Orange,” won’t be released for another two weeks but the album is already making headlines everywhere.

National Council of La Raza Board Approves Marriage Equality Resolution

Earlier this month the board of the National Council of La Raza unanimously approved a resolution supporting the freedom to marry for same-sex couples.

Former NFL player Wade Davis Talks About Coming Out of the Closet

Wade Davis never came out while he was playing football for the Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans, or the Washington Redskins.

Writer Admits to Beefing Up Manny Pacquiao's Anti-Gay Comments

The same week that President Obama and rapper Jay-Z came out for gay marriage, boxer Manny Pacquiao quoted scriptures that say a man who lies down with another man “must be put to death.”

What Will Be The Legacy Of Obama's Embrace of Marriage Equality? [Reader Forum]

The community reacts with mixed feelings to Obama’s historic statement.

Black Leaders Say Obama Won't Lose Support Because of Gay Marriage

Despite hysteria over Obama’s stance on gay marriage experts say it’s unlikely Obama will lose the African-American vote.

LGBT North Carolinians Share Their Wins a Day After Amendment One [Video]

“The TRUE victory is in our renewed commitment to each other and solidarity with all families.”

Texas Rapper: Number One Thing A Rapper Shouldn't Say, 'Gay is Okay'

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, the Latino rapper wants gay youth to know that “It doesn’t just get better, it gets awesome, homie.”

Happy 100th Birthday to Bayard Rustin, "Resister Extraordinaire"

“The proof that one truly believes is in action,” the civil rights organizer once said.