Actor John Leguizamo attends the Premiere of Netflix's 'Bloodline' at Westwood Village Theatre on May 24, 2016, in Westwood, California. He penned a piece on his Latino experience for the New York Times.

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A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that Latinos in the U.S. and Puerto Rico are three times more likely than whites to be diagnosed with HIV

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Seventy-five percent of Latinos polled do not like Donald Trump.

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Latino Life by the Numbers

A new book shows how this growing demographic votes, goes to school, consumes entertainment–and a lot more.

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Julia Alvarez and Paulo Coelho are among the new names added to the project.

The Spanish Language Version of the SOTU is Unbelievably Bad

¿Sí se puede? More like ¡No Se Puede!

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Federal Inaction on Immigration May Affect Latino Voter Turnout

Organizers say federal inaction on immigration may mean that many Latinos stay home today.

Debunking the Myth That Latinos Are Anti-Choice

New survey suggests that most Latino voters in Texas think women should have access to abortion without political interference.

Goya Foods Ready to Bring Latino Food to the Rest of America

Tracking the growth of Goya Foods, and the Latino population alongside it.

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Can the corporation do right by marketing a new top-level domain?

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