Latino Voters

You'll Never Guess What Percentage of Latinos Support Donald Trump

A new survey uncovers some surprising data in the run-up to the 2016 general election.

WATCH: This Video Exposes the Harm and Hypocrisy of Voter ID Laws

John Oliver hilariously dismantles the case for enacting restrictive voter identification laws.

Latinos Voters Say Trump Is Tarnishing the GOP Brand

Seventy-five percent of Latinos polled do not like Donald Trump.

Latino Voters Key to Passing Environmentally Friendly Laws

Study finds that Latino voters were crucial to the passage of environmental initiatives in 2014.

Federal Inaction on Immigration May Affect Latino Voter Turnout

Organizers say federal inaction on immigration may mean that many Latinos stay home today.

In Georgia, Immigration Frustration May Test Latino Voters' Impact

Latino voters may voice their frustration by staying home from the polls. Is this more than an election-season threat?

Local Election Officials Show Bias Against Latino Voters, Especially on Voter ID

Local election officials were three-and-a-half to four-times more likely to respond to the emails that came from the non-Latino name, Greg Walsh, than the Latino name, Luis Rodriguez.

Poll Finds 63 Percent of Latino Voters Personally Know an Undocumented Immigrant

Immigration reform is once again the number one political issue for Latino voters.

Leaked Memo Urges GOP to Say 'Undocumented Immigrants'

The leaked memo also urged members of the GOP to stop using the words ‘illegals,’ ‘aliens’ and the term ‘anchor baby.’