Latino Vote

SNL Also Thinks Romney Sported Brownface for Univision Town Hall

Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” host Seth Meyers went on a rant about President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign strategy Saturday and offered up some advice.

Citizenship and Voter I.D. Laws Could Keep 10 Million Latinos From Voting

New study finds that 23 states currently have legal barriers that disproportionately impact voter registration and participation by Latino citizens.

Romney Asked Four Times If He'll Get Rid of Deferred Action, No Clear Answer

Romney first criticized President Obama for failing to pass immigration reform and then went on pledge to pass immigration himself but evaded the question.

Latina Voter Schools Romney in New Political Ad

The ad stars a Latina who takes Romney to task for saying he would have a better shot at winning the presidency if he were Latino.

Romney: 'If I Was Latino I'd Have a Better Shot at Winning This Thing'

Mitt Romney said Obama supporters are freeloaders who pay no taxes, who don’t assume responsibility for their lives, and who think government should take care of them.

Romney Will Pledge to 'Fix' U.S. Immigration System in Los Angeles

According to excerpts of the speech released to the media, Romney will court Latinos by reminding them about Obama’s inability to pass immigration reform and calling it a failure on his part.

America's Next Top Model 2027: Julián Castro's Daughter Carina Victoria

Watch 3-year-old Carina Victoria Castro steal her dad’s spotlight.

See the Smiles and Smirks of Mitt Romney's Latino Supporters at RNC

The smiling (and not so smiley) faces of Latinos at the RNC.

Jan Brewer Says Obama is Race-Baiting Latinos

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer tells President Barack Obama is race-baiting and pandering for the Latino vote.

Obama Leads Romney Among Black Voters 94-0% (Yeah, as in Zero Percent)

Wondering how Mitt Romney is doing with black voters? Not good.

Spanish Talk Shows Biggest Name Cristina Saralegui Endorses Barack Obama

This is the first time that Cristina Saralegui has endorsed a President or actively participated in a presidential campaign.

DREAMers Stage Sit-ins at Obama Office to Force Deportation Standoff

Activists are demanding a halt to the deportations of DREAM Act-eligible youth, but Obama’s not budging, even if his re-election hopes hinge on the Latino vote.

America Ferrera Partners With Voto Latino For Election

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus and Voto Latino launched a campaign last Thursday called “America4America” to encourage young Latinos to vote.

Mitt Romney: Educating Kids of Color is the 'Civil Rights Issue of Our Era'

On Wednesday, the presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney talked explicitly about schools failing students of color. But there’s a lot more to that story.

Obama Holds 34-Point Lead Over Romney Among Registered Latino Voters

Despite broken immigration promises and a record number of deportations Latinos continue to support the President.

Obama Launches Latinos for Obama, Romney Releases Anto-Obama Infographic

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney countered President Obama’s Latino outreach by arguing that Obama “has brought hard times to Hispanics,” citing their unemployment numbers.

Mitt Romney: Not Winning Latino Vote "Spells Doom for Us"

The GOP presidential hopeful says he plans on reminding Latinos Obama promised immigration reform and didn’t fulfill those promises.

Latinos Accused of Voter Fraud Feeling the Willie Horton Ill Effect

What we can see so far is that Republicans are ramming photo voter ID laws down states’ throats by drumming up fake scares about “voter fraud” caused by “illegal aliens” who are terrorizing the polls by voting and cancelling out the votes of legitimate voters. It’s all bunkum, but plenty of campign mileage miles are racking up off this racket by Republicans

The Coming Battle Down South: Latino Voters vs. Anti-Immigrant Lawmakers

Latino and Asian immigrants are the fastest-growing segments of the South, but their voting power still lags.

Biracial Man Mistakenly Included on Time Mag's Latino Voter Cover

TIME mistakenly includes a half Chinese and half white guy on their Latino voter cover.