Latino Vote

A crowd of people at a Mexican Independence Day celebration where the Democratic and Republican parties courted Latinx voters

For Latinx People, a Post-Election 'Time of Reckoning'

Latinx digital media pioneer Julio Ricardo Varela reflects on the 2016 election and where Latinx people go from here.

You'll Never Guess What Percentage of Latinos Support Donald Trump

A new survey uncovers some surprising data in the run-up to the 2016 general election.

WATCH: This Video Exposes the Harm and Hypocrisy of Voter ID Laws

John Oliver hilariously dismantles the case for enacting restrictive voter identification laws.

So How Much Did Obama's Immigration Delay Hurt Latino Turnout?

It didn’t help Latino voter turnout.

Latino, Immigration Groups Demand Reform After GOP's Sweeping Wins

Immigration reform groups and lawmakers warn Democrats not to take Latinos for granted.

Federal Inaction on Immigration May Affect Latino Voter Turnout

Organizers say federal inaction on immigration may mean that many Latinos stay home today.

JFK Was First to Acknowledge Latino Voting Bloc, Hours Before He was Killed

Latinos have influenced presidential elections for more than 50 years.

Polls: Blacks and Latinos a Big Part of Upcoming Gay Marriage Revolution

If you look at last Tuesday’s exit polls alongside other recent studies you’ll find that as more African Americans and Latinos become registered voters the more likely it is for more same-sex marriage victories.

Latino Voters' Election Day Statement: 'Give My Parents Papers'

It’s now conventional wisdom that the president won a second term with Latino voters, particularly Latina women. It’s just as clear that they were voting for immigration reform.

L.A. Mariachis Woke Up Latino Voters With Serenades at 7:30am

The mariachis serenaded Sun Valley voters to wake up and vote for those who can’t.

Did Obama's Victory Speech Include Nod to DREAMers?

During President Barack Obama’s victory speech Tuesday night he briefly spoke about the “dreams of an immigrant’s daughter.”

A People of Color Majority Alters Politics. Movements Change the World

Politicians, and everyday Americans too, do great things when movements make it impossible to do anything else.

With Obama's Win, He'll Need to Send More Than a Thank You Note to Latinos

Latino voter turnout is up, as expected, and they’re bringing it on home for Obama.

Pennsylvania's Spanish-Speaking Voters Face Barriers at the Polls


Romney Airs Spanish-Language Ad Linking Obama to Hugo Chavez

Mitt Romney campaign has been “heavily running” an ad that links President Barack Obama with Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, Fidel Castro’s niece and Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

Off the Record, Obama tells Reporter: If I Win, It'll Be Because GOP 'Alienated' Latinos

The Obama administration set a new record for deportations in 2011, removing nearly 400,000 undocumented immigrants.

New Poll Shows More Young, Poor People of Color Identify as LGBT

Two studies released this week debunks many stereotypes about blacks and Latinos being overwhelmingly homophobic.

Romney Uses the Term 'Undocumented Illegals' in Second Presidential Debate

It was awkward from the start. Her name was Lorainne and Romney wanted to call her “Loraina.”

Rosie Pérez Talks Romney and Love on Maddow [Video]

It’s a great interview, but something else happened that you don’t see on television often these days.

Poll: Obama Has Latinos' Support, But Not Necessarily Their Vote

And a young undocumented immigrant responds to Obama’s latest overture to Latino voters.