Indigenous boys in white lacrosse masks and multicolored athletic clothing hold white and yellow and red lacrosse sticks in front of blue sky

Youth Lacrosse League Head to Resign After Racism Allegations

Corey Mitchell will pass control of the Dakota Premiere Lacrosse League to a new board with Indigenous members after this season.

Woman in navy jersey with white number and red and navy and white gloves holds grey metal lacrosse stick with red and white and blue net and sticker

Indigenous Youth Lacrosse Teams Say League Banned Them for Reporting Racist Abuse

From racist slurs on the field to arbitrary regulation enforcement, Native American players and coaches detail incidents that were routinely ignored by officials. 

Haudenosaunee Passport Rejected for Women’s Lacrosse Team

The Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois, first introduced lacrosse to white settlers on Turtle Island hundreds of years ago. 

Watch Onondaga Turtle Clan's Alfred Jacques Make Lacrosse Sticks

‘This game was given to our people by the Creator. It’s part of who we are as a people.’

The Iroquois Nationals Team Shines at the World Lacrosse Championship

After a passport debacle kept Native players out of the tournament in 2010, the team is back with fury this year.

This Native American Family is Transforming Collegiate Lacrosse

The Thompson family is reminding everyone of the sport’s Native roots.