Maybe You Shouldn't Get Flowers For Mother's Day

There’s a human cost to your last minute gift.

Federally Contracted Workers Bring Labor Fight to Obama's Front Door

Low-wage workers are making sure the federal government doesn’t overlook the labor practices of its own contractors.

How Fast Food Companies Steal Workers' Pay

Corporations like Burger King and Domino’s pay close attention to every detail of their franchisees business–except how they keep labor costs down.

Dozens of Foxconn Workers Arrested After Riot in Chengdu, China Plant

Hundreds of Foxconn employees living in company dormitories

in Chengdu, China clashed with security staff Monday evening.

Carwasheros in Los Angeles Win Over $1 Million in Settlement

Workers at a car wash in Los Angeles will receive unpaid wages since 2006.

There's An App for That: Figure Out How Many 'Slaves' Work for You

There’s often a heavy price to pay for your favorite gadgets. And that’s long before they hit store shelves.

The Deadly Labor Behind Our Phones, Laptops and Consumer Gadgets

The world’s largest consumer manufacturer has drawn global outrage for a string of worker suicides in its factories. But the problem is rooted in Western consumer markets, not Chinese sweatshops.

Republicans Bash Immigrant Workers and Call It a Jobs Bill

Labor and immigrant rights groups are pushing back against a renewed push to expand use of the E-Verify workers’ database.

Will 2012 Become Labor's Moment of Political Truth?

Let’s hope so. Because workers of color have rarely been in more dire need of a true political voice.

Consensus Builds on Free Trade Deals, Alongside Proof of Their Toll

On the same day this month, the president backed a Colombia pact he campaigned against, and new memos revealed how complicit Chiquita has been in anti-union violence.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's Financial Martial Law on Poor Cities

The state’s GOP shows Wisconsin how to truly steal from workers and give to corporate power.

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Recounts Sobering History in Defense of Unions

The Labor Secretary doesn’t shy away from calling out the anti-immigrant fervor of today’s anti-labor landscape.

Jesse Jackson to Wisconsin Protesters: "When We Fight, We Win"

Madison is looking more and more like the left’s moment of truth.

Showdown in Wisconsin: Round Up of Reporting on Union Fight

Thousands swarm the Capitol to fight back as new GOP Gov. Scott Walker tries to end collective bargaining for public workers.

Who Are All These Evil Public Workers? Black People

National data suggests black folks’ jobs hang in the balance of the increasingly ugly fight over public workers unions.

Study: Immigrant Women Suffer Abuse On the Job

A new report urges Americans to consider the hands that feed them this holiday.

Asian Long-Term Unemployment Ticks Up in California

In California, Asian Americans may suffer relatively low rates of unemployment, but a surprising number of them tend to stay stuck in that hole for a long time.

NY Domestic Workers Celebrate Historic Labor Win

It’s official: Gov. Paterson signed into law yesterday new rights for New York State’s domestic workers yesterday. Their movement may be a national model for reform.

Filipina Nurses See Discrimination in San Francisco Health System

The California Nurses Association accused a major healthcare company of “systematic discrimination against the hiring of Filipino registered nurses.”

Single Women Fend for Themselves in Recession

Single women of color, despite their vital economic contributions as consumers, parents and workers, bear the brunt of the economy’s decline.