Muhammad Ali. Black man with black hair poses in fighter's stance in black jacket and sweater and white shirt in front of beige ladder and wall and bannister

Louisville Renames Airport After Muhammad Ali

“It is a fitting testament to his legacy.”

Black-and-white portrait of Muhammad Ali, surrounded by green wreaths under a sky with a crescent moon

LIVESTREAM: Watch Muhammad Ali's Public Funeral at 3 p.m. ET

Bill Clinton will deliver the final eulogy at the boxing and social justice legend’s funeral.

Red boxing gloves and a portrait of Muhammad Ali set amidst green floral arrangements

Funeral Service For Muhammad Ali Draws Thousands

An estimated 14,000 mourners flocked to Ali’s hometown of Louisville to celebrate the boxer’s life.

#BlackDerbyHorseNames Makes Kentucky Derby Infinitely More Hilarious

This trending topic made us wonder: why not name a horse “Shea Butter?” 

Valdosta State Students Kicked Out of On-Campus Trump Rally Tell Their Side

The students, some members of the campus’ NAACP chapter, recount how police ejected them from the February 29 rally for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. They say they were watching quietly, not protesting. 

Teen Dies in Kentucky Detention Center, Staff Waits 11 Minutes to Perform CPR

The preliminary coroner’s report says 16-year-old Gynnya McMillen likely died in her sleep.

Kentucky Debates Easing Felony Disenfranchisement Laws

Advocates anticipate victory.

Voting's Outcasts: Why One in Five Blacks in Kentucky Can't Cast a Ballot

One in every five African Americans in Kentucky are barred from voting–only due to their criminal record.