Keith Ellison


New Legislation Aims to Prevent the Next Flint Water Crisis

Representatives Keith Ellison and Ro Khanna introduced The WATER Act on the fourth anniversary of the day Flint’s water woes began.

Graphic reads: "Ugh, still loading."

WATCH: This Video Breaks Down Why Net Neutrality Matters

Mic explains why equal access to the Internet is important—and how the FCC is threatening that access.

Gwen Ifill in teal blazer, sitting at a desk

People of Color, Celebs React to Gwen Ifill's Death

The trailblazing Black journalist fought cancer for almost a year.

Black woman in blue dress stands in front of a microphone

From Michelle Obama to Bernie Sanders, Dems Kick Off Convention With Heavy Hitters

We break down the can’t-miss highlights of the speeches from the first day of the DNC.

Congressional Black Caucus PAC Endorses Hillary Clinton

Both Democratic presidential hopefuls are actively seeking support from communities of color. 

These Members of Congress Say They Will Confront Racial Inequality in America

Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman: “We are in a war of classism and racism and sexism, and if we don’t come to that reality now—and stand up against it now—we will lose this opportunity.”

Rep. Keith Ellison Says Congress Can't Afford to Ignore Racial Profiling

The ACLU is promoting a bill called the End Racial Profiling Act to curb shady practices by law enforcement.

Rep. Keith Ellison Calls Out Herman Cain's Religious Bigotry

The Muslim American lawmaker warns that Cain’s rhetoric may be a political strategy with awful consequences.

Rep. Keith Ellison's Tearful Defense of Muslim American Patriots

Here’s video of Ellison’s testimony at Peter King’s Muslim “radicalization” hearing.

Ellison Responds as Tea Party Big Repeats Anti-Muslim Attack

Tea party leader answers critics of his bigoted attack on Rep. Ellison with still more bigotry.

Tea Party Leader: Target Rep. Ellison Because He's Muslim

Still more proof that it’s a racist organization (and the sky is blue).