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Condoleezza Rice Regrets Watching Broadway Show During Katrina

The former Secretary of State dishes it all in her new memoir.

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Has Big Post-Katrina Regrets

Six years after Katrina, former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin says he regrets not evacuating the city sooner.

NYC's Non-Plan for Rikers Inmates During Irene Reminds Many of Katrina

While city officials claimed that the island that houses 12,000 prisoners wasn’t in immediate danger from Hurricane Irene, they also admitted that there’s no evacuation plan. Period.

What Explains the Post-Katrina Success of New Orleans' Schools?

Six years later, the city is fetted as a prime example of how aggressive reforms can improve results. But the question there is the same elsewhere: do the market-based ideas help all students or just those with resources?

From Heroes to Villains: NOPD Verdict Reveals Post-Katrina History

The Justice Department’s victory is a decisive rejection of the idea that chaos in the days following Katrina justified the violence of the New Orleans Police Department. It’s a win for police accountability nationwide.

New Orleans Dumps FEMA Trailers--and Maybe the People in Them

The new tough-on-blight policy doesn’t mean the city will help people work out stable housing.

Katrina Survivors in Alabama are STILL Waiting for Help

In one poor town, they’re scraping together volunteer labor and donated materials to get out of tent cities.

Did Charter Schools Save New Orleans After Katrina?

Today only 38,000 students are enrolled in New Orleans schools, compared with 65,000 in the year before Katrina.