Kansas City

Black man in grey coat and brown shirt sits on brown chair on brown stage with white wall, brown doors and piano in yellow tarp

WATCH: Kansas City Fast-Food Workers Share Stories of Struggle

Join cooks and cashiers working with Stand Up KC and Fight for $15 as they narrate personal stories of corporate mistreatment, poverty and resistance via live performances.

Tamara Dominguez is 17th U.S. Trans Woman Killed in 2015

The Mexican-American transgender woman’s body was found in a church parking lot.

16 Fast-Food Workers Photograph What It's Like to Live on $7.25 an Hour

Local labor workers in Kansas City capture the hardship of their everyday lives on minimal pay. 

Kansas City Has Warp-Speed Internet, and 20th Century Digital Divide

Seventy percent of Kansas City public-school students do not have Internet access at home.

Kansas City Bans Smoking Inside Public Housing Apartments

Smokers have six months to quit