Juvenile Justice

Cyntoia Brown

How to Support Cyntoia Brown

Sentenced to life in prison at 16 for killing her would-be rapist, Brown is not eligible for parole until she is 67.

Black boy with brown skin looks at camera while standing in front of high blue walls laced with barbed wire

WATCH: Video Takes Viewers Inside Only Remaining Juvenile Detention Facility in Virginia

Even the director of the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice wants to close Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center.

Illustration of Black child with black hair in red shirt while seated on white outline of stool in front of white outline of government building on navy background

New Podcast Tells Stories of Children 'Caught' in Mass Incarceration

WNYC Studios explores how the criminal justice system traumatizes children of color in “Caught: The Lives of Juvenile Justice.”

Juvenile prisons

Juvenile Injustice: Racial Disparities in Incarceration Start Early

A new report shows that, just like its adult counterpart, the juvenile justice system is engulfed with overcrowding and racial imbalances.

Black and white photo of young Black boys in striped shirts and pants, working in a field

WATCH: Short Documentary Explores History—and Present—of the Juvenile Justice System

Youth First Initiative: “Youth justice is racial justice—and that’s why this system of oppression needs to change.”

Black person's eyes are visible through a small window in a lavender door

WATCH: This Video Breaks Down Why Incarcerating Kids Doesn't Work

Anti-prison campaign Youth First explains that, sometimes, systems need to be dismantled—not reformed.

Teen Dies in Kentucky Detention Center, Staff Waits 11 Minutes to Perform CPR

The preliminary coroner’s report says 16-year-old Gynnya McMillen likely died in her sleep.

SCOTUS Could Shorten Sentences for Juveniles in Prison for Life

The Supreme Court could retroactively reduce the sentences of juveniles who are serving life with no possibility of parole.

WATCH: ‘Prison Kids’ Documentary Explores Juvenile Justice System

The hour-long doc examines how kids end up behind bars and how it forever impacts their lives.

Report: Juvenile Justice System Is Failing Native Youth

Native American teens are significantly more likely to be referred to state court systems for crimes such as truancy and underage drinking than their white counterparts. 

U.S. Sues New York City Over Rikers Island's Treatment of Teen Inmates

Rikers’ youngest inmates were routinely abused and put in solitary confinement.

Remembering the 'Ungovernable' Ella Fitzgerald's Time in a Youth Prison

She took a long road to stardom.

NYPD Smashes 14-Year-Old Boy Through Store Window

Reporting raises questions about how the incident occurred and whether it was officially reported

The Shocking Details of a Mississippi School-to-Prison Pipeline

Wearing the wrong color socks, talking back to a teacher and being late are all infractions that landed Cedric Green in jail. The Justice Department says there are many more students like him.