John Legend in grey jacket and black patterned shirt in front of white wall with multicolored paints

John Legend On The 120-Year-Old Law That Still Oppresses Black Louisianians

“Ending the 10-2 jury rule in Louisiana will not solve the issue of mass incarceration or dismantle White supremacy, but it will deal a significant blow to both.”

SCOTUS Says Race Was Factor in Death Row Sentence

Nearly 30 years after a carefully constructed all-White jury convicted him of murder, a Black man living on death row will now get a new trial. Justice Clarence Thomas would rather that he didn’t.

READ: Killer Mike, Scholars Allege Racist Prosecutorial Misconduct in Louisiana Rapper's Case

The “Run The Jewels” rapper co-wrote a new piece for The Huffington Post that says McKinley “Mac” Phipps’ trial for manslaughter reflects larger criminal justice issues.

Ex-Philadelphia Cops Acquitted In 2013 Beating

Sean McKnight and Kevin Robinson faced charges for aggravated assault and falsely prosecuting Najee Rivera.