Poet Susana Chavez's Death Sparks Outrage in Juarez

Her death has reignited suspicions about why the deaths of over 500 women in the region have gone unsolved.

Dispatch from Juarez: Fear and Happiness at War

A family describes its search for peace as tens of thousands die in a brutal drug war fed by corruption, and the U.S. black market.

Dispatch from Juarez: Snapshots of Peace, on the Society Pages

Amid raging violence, families and friends still find joy.

MAC, Rodarte Will Donate ALL Global Profits to Juarez

Both companies scramble to cover missteps in their Juarez-inspired makeup line.

The Beauty Bloggers Who Blew MAC and Rodarte's Juarez Cover

A virtual panel with the cosmetic experts who exposed the beauty company’s “Juarez” collection and got them to publicly apologize.

Bloggers Demand MAC & Rodarte Donate Profit from Juarez Makeup

Update 8:54pm ET: MAC has announced that it will be changing the names of some of the products in their Juarez-inspired collaboration with Rodarte. No details on which product names will be changed–but we’ll venture a guess and say that the “Juarez” and “Factory” shades of nail polish will be the first to go. Temptalia has a full product list of the cosmetics line, set to hit stores September 2010.