Study: Black Men No Better, Sometimes Worse Off Than in 1960s

Thanks to the prison boom.

Why Don't We Raise More Hell About Unemployment?

This crisis seems to be missing something that its scale would indicate is needed: a sense of national urgency about the dire state of unemployment.

Federal Guide Warns: Don't Discriminate Against Job Applicants With Background Checks

Criminal background checks are a widespread tool of discrimination aimed squarely at men of color.

High Unemployment Rates Aren't Budging

Against the backdrop of possible military action in Syria, the U.S. jobs picture remains bleak

Still Marching for Jobs

At the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, its economic justice platform remains unmet.

Last Month's Good Job Numbers Still Spell Trouble for Blacks and Latinos

Don’t break out the fireworks yet.

Unemployment Rate Improved for Everyone in 2011, Except for Blacks

Black men captured about 237,000 job gains in 2011, whereas black women actually ended the year with fewer jobs than they had a year ago.

Thousands of Unemployed Workers Expected to Protest in D.C.

The action comes as Congress votes on extending unemployment benefits to 2.2 million unemployed workers.

Obama to Black Lawmakers: 'Stop Crying, We've Got Work to Do'

The president’s remarks were just one of the more memorable moments from the annual Congressional Black Caucus’s legislative conference.

Maxine Waters Asks Why The President Is So Afraid to Say 'Black Unemployment'

In an interview with Loop 21, the outspoken lawmaker explains why she’s been so critical of the president.

Black Caucus Kicks Off Job Fair, Wants to Get 10,000 Hired

At least someone’s trying to be proactive about job creation.

How to Succeed at a Summer Job: Look White and Christian

Recent news shows bias is still getting in the way of work for young people of color.

Lawmakers Prepare for Showdown Over Jobs

Democrats and Republicans spend the congressional recess getting ready to blame each other for the recession that will surely still be with us come November.

Race Drives Jobless Numbers in Worst-Hit Cities

The unemployment rate varies wildly across different regions. But there’s one consistent pattern throughout: to find the people hurting the most, look to the neighborhoods where Black and brown people live.