Jenni Rivera

Jeni Rivera. Middle-aged Latinx woman with blond hair.

Jenni Rivera Biopic In the Works

The world-famous Banda singer will be celebrated via a film penned by the screenwriter who created “What’s Love Got to Do with It.”

Owner of Jenni Rivera Plane Being Investigated by DEA

The Associated Press is reporting the man widely believed to be behind the aviation company that owned the plane carrying Jenni Rivera was traveling in is an “ex-convict.”

Insiders Say Jenni Rivera's Death Shows U.S. Media is Clueless About 'Mexican Anything'

But the biggest media failures in the Jenni Rivera coverage were stories that led with comparisons between Rivera’s death and the murder of Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla.

Reports: Remains of Jenni Rivera Have Been Recovered, Lupillo Rivera Arrives in Mexico

The remains of singer Jenni Rivera and six others were recovered in Northern Mexico overnight and taken to a Mexican forensics facility, authorities said Tuesday.

Jenni Rivera's Kids Say Keep Your Condolences, 'She is Not Dead'

Jenni Rivera’s immediate family has taken to social media to release statements saying they’re still holding on to hope.

Jenni Rivera Fought For Women, Immigrants and LGBT Youth

She was one of the first celebrities to call Arizona’s SB1070 law racist and attended marches in Arizona.

Jenni Rivera Was One of First Stars to Call Arizona's SB1070 Racist

AP is reporting that a small plane carrying Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera has gone missing after taking off from the city of Monterrey.