Jay Smooth

Jay Smooth's Taking Some 'Racial Me Time'

We all need that every now and then

Some Jay Smooth Wisdom on the Starbucks Controversy

Jay Smooth underlines why race talks should be about quality not quantity.

Jay Smooth Has the Last Word on Marshawn Lynch

The Seattle Seahawks may have lost last weekend’s Super Bowl, but Marshawn Lynch is still winning, says Jay Smooth.

Jay Smooth Makes Sense of Kendrick Lamar's Ferguson Comments

The rapper might be right. Here’s why.

Watch Jay Smooth's Hip-Hop History Lesson for Activists

Instead of indicting younger activists, we should inspire them, he says.

Colorlines Exclusive: A Jay Smooth Spring Mix!

Shake off a wicked winter with a new spring mix by Jay Smooth.

Colorlines Exclusive: A Race Forward Holiday Mixtape

A Race Forward mixtape just in time for Thanksgiving

Colorlines Exclusive: Jay Smooth's Autumn Mixtape!

A special, exclusive mix by Jay Smooth

Jay Smooth: The Magical Danger of Sagging Pants

Jay Smooth was surprised to learn that structural inequalities suddenly disappear when black people stop sagging their pants.

Jay Smooth Discusses Roger Ebert's Legacy with MSNBC's Chris Hayes

Ill Doctrine and Colorlines.com producer Jay Smooth was a guest on “All in with Chris Hayes” on Thursday night to discuss film critic Roger Ebert’s legacy

Welcome Jay Smooth to the Colorlines.com Team!

Colorlines.com is excited to announce that Jay Smooth is the newest addition to our crew.

Jay Smooth Deconstructs Romney's Famous '47%' Flub

The “Actually…” web series has added another celebrity fact checker to their list! In this new video, DJ Jay Smooth hits Romney on his 47% comment.

Jay Smooth to Gwyneth Paltrow: Don't Get Too Comfy With N-Word

How Gwyneth Paltrow should’ve handle the controversy surrounding her tweeting the “N-word” this weekend.

Jay Smooth: Leave Michelle Obama Alone With Your Random Opinions

Ill Doctrine’s Jay Smooth has a new video.

Jay Smooth On Not Freaking Out About Nonwhite Births Becoming Majority

Jay Smooth breaks down new Census findings and says there is little to fear.

Jay Smooth's TED Talk Reveals How He Learned to Love Talking About Race

The noted video blogger opens up about what got him interested in talking about race.

Jay Smooth Takes Chris Brown to School With a History Lesson

Quit crying, Chris. You’ve got it pretty easy.

Jay Smooth's Scared of Christine O'Donnell

And maybe we should be, too.