Janet Napolitano

UCLA Student Body Drops the I-Word

The decision was made, in part, as a sign of respect to the school’s undocumented students.

Janet Napolitano's Next Stop? University of California

Janet Napolitano oversaw the largest deportation program of any presidential administration.

Napolitano Calls DHS's Secure Communities Deceit a 'Misunderstanding'

While state legislatures that have gotten the most attention for passing laws that mimic Arizona’s SB 1070, the federal government is leading a massive deportation mission of its own.

Napolitano: DREAM Act's Good for National Security

But she’s still touting the administration’s record deportation numbers.

Obama Administration Brags About Record Year of Deportations

DHS calls system “thoughtful.” Indiscriminate and out-of-control are more apt adjectives.